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Living Quick Start



I'm glad I found Halona yesterday.  Halona was founded in 2009 by Doris Westra and Babette Leertouwer and together they make unique t-shirts, jerseys, chains, bags, rugs and interior products....

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Stunning elephant ceramics

    Many things are going on right now in my private life...all good but it feels like 'hard to keep up with my own life'...looking at the amazing ceramic work by Michele...

Porcelain wall vases by otchipotchi

      Looking at Paula Valentim's beautiful porcelain ceramics made me realize today that it is time to relax and pause a bit after these hectic weeks... I love the...

Homeland by Mara Skujeniece

  A little while ago I wrote again about Mara Skujeniece and her amazing ceramic designs...perhaps you already have seen her latest work...'Homeland'... Mara ’s work takes much of its...

#437 Rifle Paper co.

Anna Bond Please......I wrote about Rifle Paper co. on Bloesem the other day, but I saved her goergeous kid's designs for you :) Her work is spectecular!!!!!!!!! ..Rifle Paper co.....Rifle Paper co....