Living Quick Start

Living Quick Start

Bloesem living | Yonder shop, handmade artisan pieces

Looking Yonder

As people who enjoy creating things ourselves, we truly appreciate the handmade pieces in Yonder. Along with her own series of ceramics, artist and founder of Yonder, Linda Fahey, curates a collection of...

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Agata Bielen jewelry

      It's a really rainy and chilly morning over here in Singapore and we can't help but feel that calm and serene feeling we get from these shots of Agata Bielen's...
Bloesem Dutch Design

Discovering Hozan Zangana

Ever intrigued by designers and their exploration with materials and forms, Baharat the work of Hozan Zangana caught our eye. " Creating forms by letting my heart guide my hands while silencing my mind",...
Mayice Design on Bloesem living

No screws needed

No screws? No problem! The Zoo chair by Mayice might just be magic. This impressive piece of furniture works as a chair, shelving, table, magazine rack, really it's just up to how creative you are. They...
Bloesem Summer linen pillows

Summer linen pillows

Kick off the week with some new pillows to change it up in your living room. Spice things up with some new colours and prints on the couch. These new linen throw pillows were just added to the collection over...
Plott design quickstart

Printing textures & surfaces

It's incredible - the number and types of things you can print in this day and age, it's possibly infinite. The days of just printing something on paper are long gone. Now anything can be printed with...
Bloesem ceramics

Andrei Davidoff

Captured by Australian ceramic artist, Andrei Davidoff 's, smoke-curl brushwork on his white porcelain pieces. The calligraphy-like strokes and the dark stoneware clay in the series would...
Bloesem living japanese label Lue

Accuracy and delicacy

Japanese label, Lue, believes that the hands are the most accurate and delicate. Even more so than machines when creating their range of handmade brass pieces. Working exclusively with Brass, the studio...
Bloesem living Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Another stop along Design Kwartier was Studio Thier & Van Daalen. They fascinate us with their interior objects that incorporate elements of nature with a play of colour, light and reflection. The...