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Living Quick Start

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A contemporary twist at home

Based in France, Wo & We produces a collection of hand crafted contemporary lamps or rather sculptural lighting fixtures. The lamps are attached to the wall and are made up of adjustable...

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Minimal practical bloesem blogplayful furniture

Minimal & playful furniture

Anyone who's seen the Bloesem space knows about our love for the trestle legs that hold up our table tops. Thin and elegant, they don't take up much leg space and gives the space a light and airy...
No watering needed! tableau bloesem

No watering needed!

The fact is that plants are beautiful but they don't stay that way too long, especially when you forget to water them 3 days in a row because you were swamped at the office. It can sometimes be tough...
Pop and Scott pots plants bloesem

Pop & Scott

Creative workshop Pop & Scott recently opened their showroom in Northcote, Victoria.. you might recognise them for their hand-painted pots which are so popular all pots are on...
Little Upside Down Cake ceramics bloesem

Handmade with Love

"Every single piece is unique and handmade with love." Little Upside Down Cake curates a selection of beautiful handmade products, ranging from ceramics to leather products, by a group of Portuguese makers. Each of the pieces are created in very small scale edition and celebrates every single imperfection of the creating process. The handwork and passion that goes behind handcrafting each piece is remarkable... that when you use it you can feel the hands of who made it!
Urbe bloesem


Urbe is a family of tables, chairs and stools by Italian designer, Pasquale Alison. Inspired by the different cities in Italy, the collection of furniture is characterized by different prints of the...
jurianne matter poster bloesem

The Pop up sale

Jurianne Matter Sun Poster Dear friends, Thank you for all the support for our pop-up shop on Friday. We were touched to see that many of you came down to show your support and love at the new location....
Saniyo tableware bloesem colors


"Less is More" - I think everyone is familiar with this saying. This is also the philosophy behind Saniyo. Their aim is to design simple, socially responsible and functional pieces for everyone to...
Bloesem living | Studio Roex furniture and product design

Studio Roex

"Immediate acceptance of the presented objects is not the purpose of our work." Studio Roex presents to us pieces that make our minds work. Using familiar materials and objects and presenting them...