Spotlight Living

Spotlight Living

Bloesem Living l Spotlight: Mooi Goed

Mooi Goed Photo Holders

Elegant Simplicity. Just two words to describe these gorgeous photo stands from Mooi Goed... Consisting of two parts that you can put together with much ease - a coloured clip made available in a variety...

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Bloesem Living | Dream Interiors | A New Vision of Living

A New Vision of Living

There are two things I love with a passion: quality furniture and great design. Here at Bloesem, we absolutely enjoy immersing ourselves in the design world, and more so for a collection that parallels and...
Bloesem living | Kitchen renovation with Bosch Home SG | Series 8 Ovens

Baking with Series 8 Ovens

It's been awhile since we last updated you on our #kitchenrenovation journey with Bosch! We're happy to say the kitchen is now fully functioning and has had a totally facelift since we moved in sometime...
Bloesem living | Photography and styling by Bloesem for Tokketok stationery

Tokketok’s new collection

If you haven't already heard about Tokketok then we suggest you do. The beautiful work of Joke Vande Gaer has long been a favourite on Bloesem. We have followed her designs for a long time and have posted...
Dream Decor book by Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar

Our Dream Decor

We recently got our hands on a copy of Dream Decor by Will Taylor, or better known as Bright.Bazaar, and it's every bit as attractive and cheerful as you'd expect from the lifestyle blogger! One of the...
Bloesem Living | APS Lifestyle X DREAM: The Market Hop

APS Lifestyle X DREAM: The Market Hop

When it comes to life, we're all about balance. We work hard here at the Bloesem studio, but we're no strangers to indulging in ourselves every once in a while. That's why we're so excited to be...
Bloesem Living | NEW Blogging Your Way: #InstaPower e-course

Blogging Your Way: #InstaPower e-course

Did you catch Holly Becker, Holly Marder and I on the last Blogging Your Way e-course? It really was such fun sharing about how I came to discover my passions and identify my core skills. Thanks Holly for...
Bloesem Living | April and May and Loof's elegant take on the mirror

A modern and elegant twist on the simple mirror

Check out what two of our favourite Dutch brands came together and recreated! April and May and furniture brand Loof have given our mirrors a modern and elegant look, adding both beauty and function...
Bloesem Living | Flora and Henri Collection for Women and Home

Flora and Henri Collection for Women and Home

Vivien Ramsay Flight Jacket 2 Started as just a children's boutique back in 1998, Flora and Henri has expanded in recent years to include two new lines of products for - rejoice - all the women out...