Kids Fashion

Kids Fashion

Bloesem Kids | Quick Start: Lacey Lane

Lacey Lane

Mothers with little ladies, listen up! If you’re looking to help your daughter express her beautiful, quirky style, look no further than Lacey Lane, the Australian fashion house for young girls. With...

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Bloesem Kids | Camouflage Kids

Camouflage Kids

Singapore’s mostly hot and humid weather means that kids prefer fuss-free outfits. The only gripe about this is that it isn’t always the most stylish of options. As kids being their usual fussy selves,...
Bloesem Kids |Tante Gorilla

Tante Gorilla

It's the season for all those summer outings and we are sure there will be bottles, toys, and gears to carry around. Which is why Tante Gorilla backpacks are so great! Founded just a year ago, owner...
Bloesem Kids | Geo Fox Apparel

Geo Fox Apparel

There's nothing that makes a parent happier than seeing their child dressed in the best quality, from head to toe. And looking totally fabulous at the same time. Lucky for us, Geo Fox Apparel clearly...
Bloesem Kids | Of One Sea

Of One Sea

Ready to hit the beaches with your precious ones to beat the summer heat? We've got just the thing for your stylish tots. From the shores of Hawaii, we bring to you Of One Sea, the brand that reunites with...
House of Mia | kidswear

House of Mia

While we absolutely love our children, dressing them can sometimes be difficult, especially when they'd much rather stay in their pyjamas! That's why we're talking all about House of Mia today – the...
bloesem kids spring summer collection 2016 kids wear apparel fashion

Kids SS2016 Collections to look out for

Spring time.. Means new outfits! It's that time of the year again when we're keeping our eyes peeled for the new Spring/Summer 2016 kidswear collections from all the different labels. This season we are...
Bloesem Kids | Misha and Puff Kidswear

Misha and Puff Kidswear

Founded by mum and experienced stylist Anna Wallack, Misha and Puff's line of clothing goes beyond just creating apparel, it strives to create a world we want our children to live in through sustainable...
Bloesem Kids | Noble Carriage Kidswear Online Shop

Noble Carriage

Knowing that all you supermoms out there already have a ton to juggle and may not have that time to research every kidswear label you buy, Noble Carriage already did all the homework for you so you don't...