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Bloesem Living l Shop Stops: Concept Shops To Visit At The Hague

Concept Shops To Visit In The Hague

While in Amsterdam for KOEL Magazine debut launch, the Bloesem team headed down to The Hague to do a photo shoot for KOEL Magazine Issue 2. We had such a lovely time touring this stately and regal city,...

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Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

With everyone using the likes of the iPhone, Samsung and what-have-yous, and children being trained to use laptops and iPads in school, it’s hard to believe that there are still loved stationery stores...
Bloesem Travel | Shop Stop: HAY Amsterdam

Shop Stop: HAY Amsterdam

Over this summer break, Irene popped by HAY Amsterdam and started to send through many images of this beautiful store in our Whatsapp group chat! We were envious, to say the least … HAY is best known...

Shop Stop: Guild of Objects

A store designed by makers for makers, Guild of Objects was born to fill the gap between a small business and the wider community. Three ceramicists friends, who met whilst working at a shared space...
Bloesem Travel | Noshery at Nosh

Quaint Cafe in Singapore: Noshery at Nosh

Nestled in the quiet and quaint enclaves of Rochster Park, Noshery is now the Bloesem team’s new favourite weekend hangout. Surrounded by lush, green surroundings, we felt as though we had stepped out of...
Bloesem Living | Shop Stop: Karmakamet in Bangkok

Karmakamet in Bangkok

With travel season upon us, we thought this would be the perfect time to indulge you in one of our latest obsessions: Karmakamet. Having heard so much about the place, our team members Mei and Zara knew...
8loesem Living | Shop Stop: Loods5 in Netherlands

Shop Stop: Loods5 in Netherlands

Check out one the gems my family and I visited a while back when we were back home in the Netherlands! Loods5 is one of the biggest reseller there for designer home furniture and accessories, so expect to...
kuala lumpur shop stop snackfood travel bloesem

Shop Stop: Snackfood in KL

Snackfood is definitely one of the gems I miss in my old home, Kuala Lumpur! If you're drawn to the vintage decor, then you'll definitely find yourself falling for all the unexpected thingamajigs there...
Bloesem travel Shop stop Misc in Amsterdam

Misc Store

A rainy day in Amsterdam actually led us to this gem of a find! While taking shelter inside Misc Store, we took our time to admire their curation of refined goods and stationery for the home and desk.....